UK Government Initiative Recruits for the First UK “Spy Apprenticeship”

1 November 2012  |  Admin

Earlier this month, the UK government announced a new initiative for undergraduate recruits to join an elite educational program. Backed by Foreign Secretary William Hague, the apprenticeship program is set to take place at Bletchley Park, famous for its wartime code breaking.

With the aim of tapping into the knowledge of the next generation gaming and computer based society in which we live, this new scheme is intended to cultivate and motivate modern age computer scientists. Designed with deliberate purpose, it will deliver enthusiastic students straight to the doors of the Intelligence Agencies. With the current release of the new James Bond film SkyFall and the continuing popularity of programs such as CSI, NCIS and Watchdog, the use of spy gadgets such as covert spy cameras and other surveillance equipment is more a modern day reality than ever before.

Modern technology has made a masterpiece of artificial intelligence activities, meaning it is now increasingly about science more than wits and survival skills. Many SpyGadets4U spy products including surveillance cameras and recording devices are increasingly employed in homes and offices and are no longer the preserve of highly trained spy professionals. As a nation we are used to CCTV and a range of other surveillance equipment such as road cameras and nanny-cams invading our everyday life. Couple this with our insatiable appetite for caught-in-the-act style reality TV shows and secretly filmed documentaries, it should come as no surprise that spy gadgets these days really do come as small as a watch, pen or embedded into a tie or pair of glasses. We now live in a world where this modern technology is part of our daily lives and spy apprentice programs are a mainstream part of the country’s educational and employment future.


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