Technology Start-Ups Recruited for Spy Gadget Development

23 November 2012  |  Admin

It has emerged that the UK’s MI5 and GCHQ teams have turned to technology start-ups in their ongoing search for innovative new gadgets and spy equipment. Agents are reported to be looking for cutting edge and ground breaking technology to boost current stores of spy gadget equipment and are plumbing the depths of industry’s innovation in order to expand their stocks.

Camera surveillance such as CCTV is just one example of spy equipment that already dominates the marketplace, suggesting that a real community of recording equipment talent exists amongst retailers and manufacturers. It is this experience that could well help organizations like M15 and GCHQ to shore up their supplies of the latest and greatest in spy equipment.

The use of spy gadgets is vast and it is not likely that their infiltration into society will be left at a selection of listening devices and CCTV cameras.

“Spy Gadgets are not just toys or action movie props” comments Kevin Lowrie from SpyGadgets4U. “While we know what is on the market currently, it is incredible to think what hasn’t even reached consumer level yet, meaning much of what the MI5 and GCHQ team are testing now is still to filter through to consumers. These products may well even have been designed and made by a big brand name we are all familiar with.”

SpyGadgets4U provides the latest, smallest and most effective covert surveillance equipment available in the public market today, as well as a range of other spy equipment. 

With cyber based crimes on the rise, from typical email scams and financial fraud to the intervention and leaking of government secrets such as wiki leaks, gadgets specialising in this area of likely to be of primary interest to the government agencies. The GCHQ is known to be looking to expand on its current capabilities and is said to be seeking new inventors with the hope of improving its online monitoring systems.

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