Surveillance Statistics Highlight Security Value of Spy Cameras and Other Devices

28 April 2016  |  Admin

Statistics have found a surprising fall in crime over the course of 2012, with 8% less crimes being committed last year; some of the lowest figures in recent memory. The government research which was released on Thursday found that, despite predictions that the economic downturn would encourage a higher level of law-breaking and criminal activity, crime has fallen, making Britain is a marginally safer place. One of the factors of this report which stunned most people was the lower rate of property crime, with many speculating that the higher levels of security that people are choosing to install are having a real effect on the number of burglaries and cases of vandalism which occur. This is a direct contradiction to the beliefs of many criminologists, who state that property crime is one of the first figures to rise during such times of economic volatility.

Many people across the country, disturbed by all-too-common accounts of burglary and intrusion, have taken to installing CCTV cameras and complex covert spy gadgets across their property to put off criminals from targeting their home and to catch and hopefully prosecute anyone who attempts to break in or damage their property. The installations, which can be as basic or extensive as the homeowner desires, are becoming more popular in many residential areas as neighbours club together to look out for one another and create a community spirit that has been missing for the last few decades.

Home security on the exterior of a house can involve many different spy cameras and other devices used to detect the presence of unwanted intruders.

From fitting a video peephole viewer which magnifies the faces of those at the front door, to fixing a full CCTV system to the outside of the house in order to capture every inch of the property from different angles, there are many different approaches which people can take, from the basic to the complex.

For the interior of the house, many homeowners choose to fit alarm systems which can be triggered by sensors. Motion-activated alarms can be fitted to a wall or simply stood on a hard surface, masquerading as a clock, an image on the wall or even a light switch. These hidden spy cameras help to catch out those who are sneaking around at night unwanted, and they don’t spoil the aesthetic of the home. These types of cameras can also be fixed to the interior of a car, so that if the car should be stolen, the camera can be activated to immediately track the culprit.

It is these innovations that are being attributed to the fall in crime, and experts are encouraging more people to revolutionise their home security by adding these types of gadgets, in order to see criminal activity fall even further.

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