Surveillance Equipment Captures Supernatural Footage

7 September 2016  |  Admin

A London community centre has this week found itself involved in a viral phenomenon on YouTube and various other online portals after CCTV surveillance equipment appears to show a supernatural figure disappearing into thin air outside the building. A caretaker at South Ruislip Community Association and Community Centre was monitoring the CCTV cameras at the time when he saw a ghostly figure leave the centre and walk towards the railing at the front of the premises before seeming to disappear. The building itself was said to have been used as a prisoner-of-war camp for Italians during WWII. A previous chairman of the centre used to issue a greeting to the spirits whenever he entered the building in light of what he believed to be spooky goings-on. The footage has been seen by over 100,000 viewers across the world, with more hits by the day and speculation mounting as to what the footage could have revealed.

Many of those who are interested in supernatural events and occurrences like to set up covert spy cameras around their homes. These spy recording devices can be left running overnight in order to capture spooky happenings while they sleep, infrared and night-vision options able to capture images that the naked eye would be otherwise be unable to see. As in the popular film series Paranormal Activity, where a couple investigate a suspected ghost in their home by setting up hidden cameras which roll throughout the night, many choose to position their cameras facing down hallways or into empty rooms so that they have an optimum viewpoint for any supernatural beings who might visit during night time hours.

Another recent film also triggered a surge in people placing sound recording devices around their home and leaving them on overnight. Appropriately titled White Noise, the film revolves around the so-called ‘electronic voice phenomena’, where supposedly supernatural voices can be heard on audio recordings.

Anyone with an interest in tracking similar ghostly occurrences or investing into reoccurring phenomena within their own homes can easily equip both the interior and exterior of a building with the appropriate spy gadgets. Carefully fitted cameras and high tech listening devices will soon be able to pick up any other-worldly happenings. Any findings can be used to entertain friends with spooky anecdotes or can be sent to experts for further analysis.

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