Home Security over Christmas Can Be Improved With Carefully Placed Spy Equipment Advise Experts

30 November 2012  |  Admin
Home burglaries traditionally increase substantially over the Christmas period, with an estimated 2 houses being broken into every minute across the country. Burglars are aware that over the festive season, houses will contain a lot more expensive gifts or money than usual, and they might also know that it is likely that these valuables will be grouped together, under trees or in stockings. As in the popular seasonal movie Home Alone, many families also leave their home empty over Christmas as they visit loved ones for days on end. Their properties are left vulnerable to opportunist robbers who know that they can get in and out without bumping into anyone.

It is for this reason that CCTV and spy cameras are highly advised for all houses, not just over the Christmas season, but to protect their homes all year round. An outdoor camera fitted to the outside of the house, in plain view, is proven to ward off potential burglars who don’t want to risk intruding on a high-tech security system that could see them caught and charged. Just the sight of a camera fitted to a vantage point on the interior of a house, or even a garden shed or front porch, can change a possible intruder’s mind.

When entire families leave their properties unattended for a few days, a spy device such as a motion detector alarm or a light with a sensor fitted to the front or back of a property can alert neighbours to a possible intruder’s presence. Homeowners heading out of town for the Christmas season should alert their neighbours to their absence so that a mini ‘neighbourhood watch’ system can take place while they’re gone. If a motion-activated light flicks on and a neighbour notices, they can check that the property remains secure and call the police if it looks like someone suspicious may have triggered the light.

Security cameras with wireless functionality can give that extra peace of mind to all those leaving their homes this Christmas, as they can be accessed via the internet anywhere in the world. The actual camera output can be viewed when logging onto a specific website, and there are also alarm features which will send an email to a designated address is there is anything that the owner needs to be alerted to. This allows homeowners to constantly check up on their property for anything amiss, and also to enjoy their Christmas break safe in the knowledge that their home is being watched over. 

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