Capture Nature’s Beauty In Your Own Back Garden

18 September 2012  |  Admin

As we leave summer and start to approach autumn, animal lovers and those with an avid eye on the goings-on within their gardens will notice subtle changes in the animal and insect visitors to their grounds. Where summer is a season of butterflies, aphids, foxes and garden spiders, autumn brings squirrels, harvest spiders and hedgehogs, and all of them will be looking for new places to explore and possibly even nest. The only concern of the nature lover is that the evenings start to draw in and the UK spends much longer in darkness, making it more difficult to spot what Mother Nature is bringing to the garden. This means the keenest observers of nature will undoubtedly be searching for ways in which they can discover what goes on after dark in their own back yard.

SpyGadgets4U are specialists in home surveillance and recording equipment, with a range of spy gadgets to help capture the goings-on in all gardens. The outdoor spy camera come with a whole host of special features, including infrared recording and motion-detection. With equipment to fit them to the outside of any property and the means to link them up to televisions and computers, spotting wildlife and observing nature’s beauty can be done from the comfort of an armchair or a study.

The Wireless Colour Pinhole Spy Camera, which includes audio recording, is small enough to fit into the smallest of spaces, and can be concealed within a fence, a birdhouse or a bench, to get the optimum angles when wildlife spotting. The whole kit is simple to use; Even small enough to be placed in a remote controlled car for on-the-go images, this camera is convenient and easy to use, and the high sensitivity to both video and audio means it guarantees high-quality results.

For those who can’t be there to monitor their camera at all times, but don’t want to miss the visit of a friendly fox or a robin, the Wireless Night Vision Pinhole Camera, with night-vision and motion detection is perfect. Doubling up as a security camera, this surveillance device can broadcast videos over WiFi and houses 10 LED lights so images captured during the night are as clear as possible. Alert features can send an email when the motion detectors sense movement, so the camera does not need constant observation, and the camera output can be accessed easily over the internet.

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