Advice From The Ex-Burglar How To Protect A Home

4 January 2016  |  Admin

An ex-burglar has turned his back on a life of crime in order to advise others on how best to protect their homes from those who may be planning on breaking in. His tips, published in The Telegraph this week, are being taken into account all across the country as homeowners look to deter burglars from entering their property and stealing their possessions. These top five tips from the man himself provide a basic guide to protecting a home, whether it’s fitting spy gadgets or simply closing the front gate.

1. Keep Them Out
Although some homeowners turn to measures such as sleeping with a blunt object on hand, or have visions of themselves haring downstairs in the middle of the night ready to confront an intruder, the expert said that this is misguided and can result in injury, or worse. The best strategy is to take extra precautions which will keep the burglars out in the first place.

2. The Basics
According to the man who committed burglaries in his youth, a home which simply appears more security-conscious is less likely to attract a burglar. Closing the front-gate or fitting a second lock to a front door can deter potential criminals from settling on that house as their chosen target.

3. ‘Beware Of The Dog’ – A Common Trap
Burglars realise that homeowners who have pets often neglect to turn on their burglar alarm or home security system in case their pet sets it off during the night. A ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign fitted in plain sight might have the best intentions, but it can alert a burglar to a potentially easy target.

4. Alarms and Security Systems Matter
Burglars are well aware of the most reputable brands of burglar alarm, and they can spot a fake CCTV camera from a mile away. If installing a security system, opt for a covert spy camera which will record any suspicious goings-on (choose one which can be hooked up to a television or computer) and make sure that the visible burglar alarm is from a well-known company. 

5. Let There Be Light
Being seen and being caught is a burglar’s biggest fear; installing motion-detection technology onto a home which projects light when it is activated can deter a burglar from setting foot near the property. They will not wish for their face to be visible to any other potential spy devices or surveillance equipment which may be around, and light and airy gardens or streets don’t make for an easy getaway.

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