The Only Way Is Spying?: TOWIE Cast Use Listening Devices

Friday, 2 November 2012  |  Admin

Taking inspiration from 007 himself, the stars of hit TV show The Only Way Is Essex have been filmed getting in on the spy gadget action this week, listening in on a conversation by using a bugging device. After Arg and Joey Essex took a trip to a ‘spy shop’ and picked up an array of gadgets that would help them to become more like the famous spy, the lads and their friends headed to a James Bond themed party held by Kirk Norcross. They then planted a listening device in the kitchen and, along with their friend Diags, managed to listen in on a revealing and explosive conversation which took place between the party’s host and Charlie King, another member of the cast.

The gadget in question was a GSM Bug Listening Device, hailed as one of the smallest in the world. The minute gadget, which is not much longer than a standard SIM card, can be accessed from anywhere in the world by simply telephoning the number of the corresponding SIM card inside. The device will then listen in on any conversations which are taking place within around 7 metres of the location where the device was planted. Unlike mobile phones, which tend to make a lot of noise and fuss when they are dialled, this GSM bugging device does not give any indication when it is activated, and its size makes it virtually undetectable, so that scandalous stories like the one exposed in The Only Way Is Essex can come to light without anyone being any the wiser. The vast majority of UK phone networks are supported, including Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile, with the only exception being the 3 network.

The tiny unit can be charged and used remotely (just one charge equips the gadget with 7 days of standby power and between eight and ten hours of high-quality listening), or can be connected to a mains power socket for long-term monitoring that is sure to go undiscovered. The device can also be used to access a GSM mobile location service. By fitting the spy gadget with a registered pay-as-you-go SIM card, the device can be tracked in real time anywhere in the UK where a GSM tracking service is available, making it ideal for planting within pockets or bags and not just leaving in a static position. Users can simply go online and see exactly where the device is located, pinpointed on a map of the UK.

Functional, compact and with proven results, the device can be used for a whole multitude of purposes, including catching out work colleagues, tracking a loved one or simply listening in on conversations at house parties, like the cast of TOWIE.


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