Telephone Monitoring Devices: Uses and Advantages

Monday, 8 October 2012  |  Admin

Telephone monitoring devices are used to provide a variety of information as a result of telephone calls, including the date and time of the phone call and the telephone number of the person on the other end of the line. We have all heard of these sorts of recording devices being used within call centres or on helplines, but a growing number of people are choosing the install the spy gadgets within their homes, for a variety of reasons.

These devices, when recording continuous data from phone calls can provide vital evidence needed in any sort of dispute. There have been countless stories in the news of phone calls being recorded in order to catch criminals or report people to the police, and as long as there is sufficient evidence that the people speaking are the ones which identify with police statements, this type of evidence will stand up in court, should a case ever go that far. They can also be used to help with disputes between commercial ventures; recording interactions between sales assistants or managers over the phone can then be handed over to the head office of a company if it is believed that the customer was mistreated. This kind of evidence can rarely be denied, and can result in compensation and retrospective punishment for the individual involved.

Although these are some of the more serious ways in which a secret recording device can be utilised, there are also lighthearted ways to catch out friends and family. Catching a confession over the phone about who neglected to replenish the loo roll or who ate the last chocolate bar can be used against a housemate or loved one to force them to stick to their chores and keep their hands off sugary treats.

Many of the special telephone listening devices are plug and play so that they don’t just work with landlines; they are compatible with a huge range of smartphones currently on the market so phone calls can be recorded on the go if necessary. The powerful software included often magnifies voices and helps to ensure that no syllable is missed on any recording, and so that the volume levels are balanced and clear. Many of the systems available to buy come with USB cables, so that sound files can be uploaded to the computer, and the devices often support memory cards so there needn’t be any worries about running out of data space when recording a particularly important conversation.

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