Surveillance Success Stories

Tuesday, 22 March 2016  |  Admin

Installing a CCTV system onto a home or property is becoming more and more prevalent and a popular way to protect homes against intruders. From comprehensive systems which connect to an interior television for complete surveillance, to the high-tech cameras which have infrared capabilities and a huge amount of memory storage, there are options for almost every property owner. Not only do these camera systems offer the homeowners peace of mind, it has also been proven to work in the amount of cases which are publicised, where a burglar has been caught on home surveillance cameras and subsequently prosecuted.

Homeowner Mark Avery from Southampton was growing tired of burglaries taking place at his home, so he fitted a CCTV camera in his living room. The move saw results; when Mr Avery returned home one day to find that someone had smashed their way through a glass door and made off with some technology including a games console and a computer, the whole thing was caught on camera. Mohammed Prince Islam was known to the police and was consequently convicted; he is now carrying out a thirty-month prison sentence and Mr Avery’s home is a safer place.

After a man in Blackpool lost his job at a local hotel, the employers benefited from the CCTV system of a nearby home. Daniel Brierley and an accomplice stole alcohol and a computer from the hotel he used to work at, but he was caught as a result of a spy camera which was trained on a nearby garden. He was given a twelve month prison sentence, suspended for a year and with strict supervision by the police, and he was also ordered to carry out forty hours of unpaid work in the community.

CCTV can also help in solving more serious crimes than burglary. A man in Widnes had set up a security camera on his property just one day before he was shot as he feared for his safety. The camera managed to capture the audio of the incident and a man has been arrested in connection with the crime, with a trial imminent and the audio tape key to his conviction.

These success stories are just a few of many, and more and more people are choosing to install these complex but effective spy gadget systems in order to give their homes adequate protection and ensure that, should the worst occur, they will be able to see justice done in court.

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