Spy Cameras Can Help Keep Employees At Their Best

Thursday, 26 July 2012  |  Admin

In a time of economic downturn and financial insecurity, it is vital for bosses of any company or business to make sure they are getting the most out of their staff. Employees who are a dead weight on the rest of the workforce will result in less productivity and less profits, whilst endangering the success of the entire team. There are many ways in which bosses can identify who is pulling their weight and who is dragging everyone down, and one of the methods most popularly used is placing a camera within a working environment; whether it is a secret surveillance camera or a recording device placed in plain view, the work performance of all employees can be evaluated from a safe distance without even having to leave the office.

SpyGadgets4U is a leading provider of spy cameras for such purposes, with a huge range of gadgetry to choose from to ensure the best results. HD cameras and motion-activated sensors are all available to make the surveillance process easier than ever; perfect for busy bosses who can’t afford to spend their days monitoring the workforce’s every move, but can afford to splash out on some covert spy equipment.

The WirelessDay And Night Weatherproof CCTV Camera is ideal for use when the main problem is staff taking advantage of breaks; place it in an outside smoking area at work, where employees can disappear and get out of their duties. This lightweight and weatherproof camera can be fitted to the outside of any building and the images can be viewed on a television or a laptop via the receiver included in the pack. Such an overt, obvious camera can also have the function of putting employees off; if they know there is a camera outside, they will be more reluctant to extend their breaks. This highly sensitive camera works in all weather conditions and transmits infrared images back to the wireless receiver, so even the darkest of areas can be watched. It is currentlyavailable for the sale price of just £59.99.

Placing covert spy cameras in the workplace are often an even more effective way of catching the slackers. Innocuous items, which would always be found around a place ofwork, such as a thermometer or a stapler, make great spy equipment because most people will never look at them twice. The 3-in-1Thermometer Stealth Spy Camera Camcorder possesses an actual thermometer so as not to arouse suspicion, and has a pinhole spy camera which records directly onto a memory card. This gadget also comes with a USB port for easy transfer to a laptop or computer, and is available for just £49.99.


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