Soaring Burglary Rate Leads To Surge in Spy Camera Sales

Wednesday, 25 July 2012  |  Admin

Statistics accumulated over the past few years have found that a burglary takes place every 40 seconds somewhere in the UK. The research also discovered that homes in urban areas were twice as likely to be the target of burglars than those in rural locations, and that the most common thing stolen was cash. Along with burglary, anti-social behaviour and vandalism charges brought within the past few years have also risen sharply. These soaring crime figures have led many householders to take matters into their own hands and equip themselves with spycameras and other devices to find ways they can help police bring the culprits to justice.

SpyGadgets4U has noted a surge in the sales of its spy cameras over the last 12 months. From motion activated cameras to HD sensorcameras concealed within watches or pens, the store stocks a James Bond-worthy stash of DIY devices to catch out criminals.

Kevin Lowrie, from SpyGadgets4U said, “Handing over concrete evidence to the police can havea huge effect on trials and court cases for potentially dangerous criminals orvandals. Every home should be equipped with home security spy gadgets in order to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. The cameras can be placed in a conspicuous location such as above the front door or on the corner of the house and will often act as a deterrent simply by being there.”

The Nightvision Waterproof CCTV Video Security Spy Camera is ideal for use within the UK,where rain is an almost permanent fixture. It can record around the clock and will withstand adverse conditions such as snow and frost. The 42 LED lights incorporated within the design enable fantastic night vision and also great light balance, for those mornings when the sun may seem to bright to capture anything of worth. Mounting brackets and an installation guide are included within the pack, so fitting this home security system is simple and efficient.The kit is available from SpyGadgets4U for just £59.99 – a small price to pay for the peace of mind it brings.

For something slightly more discreet, the AlarmSensor Spy Camera with Motion Detection masquerades as a standard burglar alarm, offering twice the protection. The lens offers a viewing angle of 45 degrees, and comes with a motion detector built in, so that there is no scrolling through hours of footage before finding anything of substance. The motion detector saves all sequences of movement to the in-built memory card, which can be slotted into a computer to be watched or examined at a later date.This full colour spy camera is available from £59.99.

Many security-conscious individuals may already have a surveillance kit installed in their home, but the system may be so old-fashioned that they no longer have the means to view what they capture on camera. The USB Video Capture Device from SpyGadgets4U is a great way to get awkward video files onto computers with the minimum amount of fuss. Files can then be saved to USB memory sticks or written onto DVD files and passed to the police if necessary. This handy kit is available for just £14.99.


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