Premier Spy Gadgets Like a Premier League Footballer

Monday, 12 November 2012  |  Admin

They say that peace of mind is something that cannot be bought at any price, but it looks like Chelsea footballer John Terry tried to do exactly that this week when he was spotted browsing a spy gadget store. Living in a sprawling mansion close to the capital, security is likely to be a top priority for the Terry family, and it seems the ex-England captain was leaving nothing to chance as he browsed shelves of covert spy cameras and bugging devices. Gadgets on sale included everything from night-vision goggles and bullet-proof leather jackets, to tiny video cameras concealed in objects such as boxes of tissues and even fake cans of baked beans.

Home security is no joke, not even for super-rich Premier League footballers, and it goes to show that no matter how much money someone has, it is an aspect of home life that should be taken very seriously. Though the security systems installed at the Terry residence might well be verging into thousands of pounds worth of technology, there are much cheaper ways in which homes can be monitored and protected using spy gadgets or cameras.

The front doors to many homes have peepholes anyway, but including a peephole viewer with an LCD screen can give a clear video image of anyone knocking on a front door. This is particularly useful in areas where scammers are known to operate; men or women posing as charity workers or meter-readers can often trick their way into homes and make off with money or possessions, and using a peephole viewer such as the Door Peephole Viewer With 2.5 Inch LCD Screen can help homeowners to get a clear view of who is ringing their doorbell. The gadget masquerades as any normal peephole, and the wireless installation can be carried out within minutes.

Those concerned about capturing night-time happenings on or around their property should be well-equipped with a Nightvision Waterproof CCTV Video Security Camera. These gadgets are fixed to the exterior of a home and can pick up images even in the dead of night thanks to their infrared capabilities. The CCTV camera is easy to mount and install, with all brackets and fixtures included, and it is completely waterproof and cast in aluminium; a useful feature with the adverse weather conditions that the UK often sees.

John Terry may also have found himself browsing for an in-car security camera. As someone who owns a collection of cars which includes a Bentley, a Ferrari and a Porsche, security for his expensive car collection is paramount. The HD Mini Car DVR Camera With Motion Detection can be fixed to a car windshield or dashboard and records automatically after it is switched on, leaving hands free to fully concentrate on driving.

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