Police in Aberdeen To Wear Body-Worn Cameras

Monday, 10 December 2012  |  Admin

Grampian Police in Aberdeenshire are continuing their mission to be the first police force in Scotland in which every officer has access to personal surveillance technology. Pioneering body-worn cameras have undergone a provisional trial period and it has been announced that the scheme will now be implemented across Aberdeenshire in the on-going fight against crime.

The cameras mean that every officer will have a strong evidence-gathering tool as a result of the technology fitted to them; indeed, officers have already praised them for allowing them to spend more time in their communities and on the beat, and less time worrying about whether evidence they have gathered will be substantial enough. The gadgets mean less time filling out paperwork and more time capturing potential crimes on camera while they are out and about. The spy cameras take clear digital video and audio recordings which can be transferred easily to a computer, and they are lighter than a mobile phone, so they are not detrimental to any of apolice officer’s existing duties or actions.

Worn on the upper body so that faces can be captured, the cameras willnow become an essential part of patrols, property searches and will even beused as dashboard cameras when the officers aren’t on the streets. A resounding90% of court cases in which video evidence was used as a direct result of this trialscheme resulted in a guilty plea, proving the effectiveness and value of thesespy gadgets.

Body-worn cameras are available to the public in a variety of differentforms, including watches, sunglasses, hats and ties. These can also help toprovide evidence for court cases, whether someone is identifying a suspect so they can be charged, capturing someone who is attempting to scam them, or simply recording the day’s goings-on. The gadgets are often minuscule and can’t be seen unless pointed out, making them great for covert filming operations; when someone is unaware they are being filmed, they are more likely to speak openly and freely about something which could potentially incriminate them. Many of them also have the ability to connect to a computer, so downloading, viewing and forwarding any useful videos captured is simple and fast. 

A number of the covert spy cameras also have extra capabilities to makethem more versatile; something which might come in handy when trying to capture evidence. Night-vision is a must for those who will be using their covert camera under cover of darkness, and some of the devices are even waterproof and submersible. They make an excellent gift for someone this Christmas, or simply as a gift to oneself in order to improve security and peace of mind.


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