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Monday, 1 October 2012  |  Admin

Across the pond, the use of secret recording equipment at a recent fundraiser has resulted in a very high-profile gaffe from one of the men in the running to become the next President of the United States. Mitt Romney was caught on a secret spy gadget stating his opinions on the working classes, and saying that he believed a large percentage of Americans were too dependent on the welfare state sanctioned by the current government. The unknown person who made the tape and distributed it to the press is being applauded as someone standing up for the rights of the percentage of Americans Romney speaks of, and the controversial footage has been viewed millions of times across the globe, turning it into an international news story.

Though using secret recording equipment to contribute to the downfall of a significant political figure might seem exceedingly James Bond-esque, there are ways in which these recording devices can be utilised to bring about significant change, whether that be in a business or within a home. SpyGadgets4U is a UK provider of such devices, and can help to frame those speaking out of turn, catch confessions of misdemeanour and add evidence to any claim.

The best kind of secret spy gadgets to buy are the ones which masquerade as something else entirely and can be easily concealed or passed off as a harmless item. The HD IR Night Vision Watch Spy Camera is, on the surface, a sophisticated and stylish watch which wouldn’t look out of place on the arm of any businessman. But the technology within lives up to Bond-standard and the high-definition camera and audio recording equipment is perfect for use in an environment where it is not possible to leave a gadget lying around, such as in an impromptu meeting or in a communal, public area. The built-in 4GB memory means that the recording capacity is high, and all necessary equipment, such as connection leads and installation software, is included in the package.

The Spy Camera Clock with Motion Detection is also a useful gadget which will not arouse any suspicion from those under surveillance. It looks exactly like a normal table clock, but actually contains a durable and smart spy camera, which films through a virtually undetectable pinhole lens. This high-quality desk accessory is perfect for use within an office and when left unattended, the motion detection sensor can pick up on a multitude of indiscretions which could be committed by staff when they believe no one is around, much like Romney’s admission. The battery allows for 12 hours continuous recording time, and the memory card slot means that there should never be any issues with running out of storage space; 1 hour of audio and video recorded from this device will use around 1GB of memory, so a relatively inexpensive 32GB memory card should capture a vast number of images.


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