Make Complaints Heard With Body Worn Cameras

Friday, 10 August 2012  |  Admin

Poor customer service is no new revelation; rude shop assistants have been spoiling shopping trips for years.But Mary Portas’ recent successful TV show ‘Queen of Shops’ has highlighted just how commonplace the problem has become, with a small minority of employees uneducated about the products they’re selling and neglecting their manners instore. Unfortunately, making a complaint about these sorts of issues is rarely taken as seriously as it should be nowadays, but that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Wearing covert spy cameras or carrying recording equipment can add a lot of weight to any complaint and force large high street companies to sit up and listen.

SpyGadgets4U has a varied selection of surveillance equipment which can be used for a multitude of purposes. Their body-worn spying equipment is perfect for recording maltreatment in a retail environment and getting the all-important evidence that will force a company to take a complaint seriously.

The Spy Camera Hat with Bluetooth and Remote Control looks, on the surface, like a regular black baseball cap. Nobody would look twice at it, and yet concealedwithin one of the conventional rivets in the hat is a pinhole spy camera which records files in MP4 format. With a jack for earphones and a port for a USB cable, this cap is fully adaptable and the files can be transferred from the 4GB internal memory to a computer or laptop and emailed to the offending company with ease. The remote control can be used to covertly start recording when necessary, so as not to waste the battery life, and the Bluetooth capability even means this device can be paired with phones.

Wearing a watch with a concealed camera is also a clever and fashionable way to obtain evidence of maltreatment on the high street. The Wrist Watch with Built-In HD Spy Camera would not be given a second glance by anyone who didn’t know it was a spy camera, but it is perfectly placed to capture key moments in a dispute with a sales assistant or a manager. The built-in rechargeable battery means there are no worries about the battery dying mid-recording if it’s been properly charged, and the high-quality of the video recordings ensures that not a single detail will be missed.

The HD Spy Glasses With Built-In Video Lens are perfect for recording undercover videos as the lens is perfectly placed. Built right into the centre of the frame, the camera on this device records in stunning high-definition and once the complaint has been filed with the offended company’s head office, these handy glasses can be used for a variety of fun activities including recording sports activities of all kinds. 

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