Surprise A Loved One (Or Spoil The Surprise) with Spy Equipment

Monday, 6 August 2012  |  Admin

Giving and receiving gifts, especially important ones, can be a worrying process for everyone involved. One party wants to be sure that they have found the perfect present, whilst the other party might want to vet the idea to make sure it’s a gift they’ll like. Those giving the presents will try anything to get inside information on what their friend, family member or other half wants more than anything, but conferring with friends of the recipient can see the surprise spoiled. For a more covert way to eavesdrop on conversations which might lead to a gift idea, SpyGadgets4U has an extensive selection of spy cameras and listening devices which can be easily concealed and won’t give the game away.

The discreet FlashDrive Spy Audio Recorder is one of the smallest devices available from SpyGadgets4U, and with its 4GB internal memory and capacity to record up to 240 hours of audio, it is also one of the most popular. Externally, it looks just like a flash drive, which could be left around the house in a convenient place without arousing much suspicion. Men could place the innocuous USB drive on a kitchen counter while his other half invites the girls over for a glass ofwine, or women could place the subtle recording device on a coffee table while her husband and his friends watch a sporting event. The conversations which could be potentially overheard in this time could drop a great hint as to the kind of gift the other half would love.

Another innovative and inconspicuous way to eavesdrop on a conversation is by using theSpyGSM Mains Adaptor Bugging Device. This crafty gadget can be called from any phone, anywhere in the world, and will transmit any audio it might pick up with 40 metres right back to the phone when activated. Sons and daughters can visit their parents, plug this gadget in and then call it from their own home whenever they see fit to pick up some hints on what to get them for that approaching anniversary.  This device will remain contactable as long as it is plugged into the mains, meaning that the spying can continue for as long as the plug goes unnoticed. It is currently available from SpyGadgets4U priced at £69.99.

If the recipient of the gift is a fan of home surveillance, SpyGadgets4U also has a great rangeof spy gadgets which would make fantastic gifts for a loved one. The Mini MP3 Player with Hidden Spy Camera and DVR is a fully working MP3 player which doubles up as a covert spy camera, which can be attached to clothing and used as a portable spying device. The battery lasts for up to five hours and the gadget supports memory cards up to 8GB, so an adequate amount of music and video memory can be stored. This great, unique gift is available for just £29.99.

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