Catch Out Housemates With Home Spy Cameras

Friday, 3 August 2012  |  Admin

Finding housemates who share similar ideals regarding everyday chores can be an uphill struggle. In many shared houses across the country, people face the everyday battle to keep their home in order, while their housemates are content to let the chores pile up. Whether someone has left the milk out of the fridge,whether they clogged the bathroom drain or whether they’re shirking their everyday responsibilities, there are ways in which housemates can be caught and confronted with the evidence of their ways. SpyGadgets4U is a leading supplierof spy cameras for use within a home setting, and their huge range of hidden gadgetry options is sure to catch the culprits behind the dirty dishes or the neglected laundry.

Using completely innocuous items with concealed cameras are the best way to catch slovenlyhousemates and encourage them to do more around the house. This Spy Lighter Camera With Sound Activation looks harmless and normal enough not to arouse any suspicion, but the hidden camera and sound recording device lay just beneath the surface. This gadget records in HD and can store up to fourhours of footage before it needs to be charged, which can be done simply by plugging the lighter in at a USB port. This USB port also contributes to easy viewing of the videos, so the gadget can be left in a communal space for a few hours before the potential evidence is immediately viewed. This lightweight and easily hidden little gadget is available for just £19.99.

Another great gadget which is perfect for secret surveillance on untidy housemates is the Mirror Style Spy Camera Clock and Motion Detector, which can be placed on a table or mantelpiece to keep an eye on shared living spaces. The motion detector means that there doesn’t need to be any time-consuming fast-forwarding through hours of footage where nothing happens, and the camera continues to film for 20 seconds after the motion has stopped, to ensure it captures everything it needs to. The high-quality pinhole lens is virtually undetectable and the easy,one-button recording function makes it easy to start and stop the surveillance.This multipurpose gadget, which features a clock and a mirror face, is available for just £59.99.

Ashtrays are items which can be easily placed around the house without arousing any suspicion as to why they’re there, especially if smokers live in the house. TheAshtray Style Spy DV Camera with Remote Control can viably be positioned at convenient locations throughout the home and the remote control allows the recording process to be started and stopped whenever necessary. When trying to figure out who is shirking their responsibilities within the house, these harmless and simple objects can prove vital. This convenient device is available for only £49.99.


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