Emulate The Latest Action Hero With Spy Equipment

Saturday, 20 October 2012  |  Admin

Last week saw the release of Taken 2, a follow-up to the 2008 film Taken, which gained cult status shortly after its release and became well-known for its no-nonsense ex-CIA operative protagonist, Bryan Mills. Played by Liam Neeson, the original fast-paced action movie followed Mills as he attempted to track down his daughter, who was abducted while she travelled through Europe with a friend. On his journey, Mills upset a large number of important members of the Albanian mafia, and the sequel revolves around their pursuit of revenge. Neeson’s character is one of the most popular action heroes of recent years, and his adrenaline-boosting adventures can now be emulated, if not through extensive martial arts training, then through a variety of spy gadgets and surveillance equipment available from SpyGadgets4U. 

Specialising in similar spy equipment used by Bryan Mills in the hit movies, SpyGadgets4U can help turn anyone into a part-time secret agent. The movies feature a variety of tracking devices, as well as pieces of equipment used to record phone calls and track the location of the caller. Mills’ in-depth knowledge of languages, fighting techniques and the ability to wrangle the truth from various informants is not something which can be bought, but the surveillance equipment certainly can.

Throughout the films, Mills relies a lot on being able to track the whereabouts of the men he is pursuing. The Mobile Phone Spy Listening Device from SpyGadget4U masquerades as a completely innocuous Nokia mobile phone and would not arouse any suspicion if seen in public, but the gadget can be called from anywhere in the world in order to eavesdrop on whoever may be in possession of the phone. It can also be tracked using GSM capabilities so that it is easy to pinpoint the exact location of the phone. From something as simple as eavesdropping on a babysitter to the more complicated action of pursuing someone in possession of the phone, this simple but effective gadget allows anyone to replicate the thrilling tactics of the hero in the Taken movies, and is currently available for just £39.99.

In addition to tracking devices, Mills monitors a lot of telephone calls and uses his expert skills to analyse his findings in detail. The Digital Voice and Telephone Recorder has the capacity to hold 500 hours of audio and has both internal and external microphones. All telephone conversations are recorded in the crystal clear WAV format so they can be played back and analysed at leisure, and the device is so small it can easily be carried by hand or stored within a pocket. The recording gadget is available for just £39.99, and though customers may not find themselves partaking in any car-chases across the continent or intercepting phone calls to CIA agents, the device is still useful for capturing speeches, presentations and for taking memos.

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