Teen Gift Ideas From SpyGadgets4U

Sunday, 16 September 2012  |  Admin

Teenage boys have always been fond of gadgets and technology, and with the digital revolution currently in full flow, there has never been a time when this statement rang more true. From the very top end of technology in the form of tablet computers and smartphones with the capabilities of a laptop, to the many incredible things which can be plugged into a USB port (heated coffee mugs and desktop fans, for example), gadgets have always been at the very top of everyboy’s Christmas wish list. It is never too early to get a head start on Christmas shopping, especially for picky teenagers, and SpyGadgets4U has an extensive range of innovative spy devices which will satisfy even the most demanding adolescent offspring.

Some of the best gadgets to buy as gifts are the ones which double up as something else. The HDIR Night Vision Watch Spy Camera doubles up as a sophisticated watch worthy of any budding secret agent, and the technology within lives up to Bond standard. A built-in camera is concealed within the watch face and can record video and capture audio of the highest quality on the built-in 4GB memory. Both the watch and the camera can be charged via any USB port, and the pack comes with all necessary equipment including an installation CD so that all videosand audio clips can be imported to a computer for further examination. The spy watch is available for just £49.99 and makes a great stocking filler or main gift for Christmas.

Most teenage boys make no secret of the fact that they find school a chore, but it might be easier to get them out of bed on cold January mornings if they know they can record their classmates’ conversations and capture footage using a Digital Spy Pen with Video Camera. This 8GB portable camcorder is concealed within a working pen and can record hours’ worth of events. For the budding academics, the pen could even be used to record lectures or important revision sessions,and the pen itself transforms into a USB stick which can transfer images and audio straight to a computer. Battery life is approximately 100 minutes, and the battery charged whenever the pen is plugged into a computer. Available for £34.99, this 007-esque gift will satisfy all technology addicts, young or old.

The AudioListening Device, which can listen through walls, should be issued with a warning to all parents, as it could backfire on them! A thoughtful gift for a spy in the making, this audio spy gadget lets the user hear conversations through walls and other barriers by amplifying the vibrations that sounds make. Adaptable and versatile, the volume and sensitivity can be adjusted to ensurethat not a single whisper is missed, though it might make for a very quiet Christmas as the entire family try not to get caught out. This powerful novelty gadget is available for just £29.99.

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