Parental Peace Of Mind With GPS Tracking And Spy Gadgets

Thursday, 6 September 2012  |  Admin

It is common knowledge that the world is a dangerous place, and small freedoms for children, like playing out after school, have become huge worries for parents. Missing children posters pop up all over city centres, and the amount of accidents on the roads involving vehicles and children will always be a source of concern. The news is constantly bearing bad news about children who have wandered off whilst playing out or walking home from school, and all parents wonder whether they will have to endure such nightmares (often to the embarrassment of their offspring).

Children may never understand their parents’ protective streak, but mums, dads, grandparents and concerned relatives can now keep tabs on their youngest family members with the invention of new GPS tracking equipment and listening devices. SpyGadgets4U has a whole range of covert tracking devices and spy gadgets that can be hidden within a child’s school bag, coat pocket or about their person, and either used to trace their location as accurately as possible, or listen in on conversations for clues as to their whereabouts.

The Mobile Phone Spy Gadget Listening Device masquerades as the popular mobile Nokia 3210, and contains an inconspicuous recording device. Functioning as a remote listening device, all concerned parents need to do to check up on their child is ensure that they have it about their person and then call the phone. The phone automatically answers without ringing, and the image on the screen doesn’t change, so to the untrained eye it looks simply like a normal phone handset. The phone is unlocked so that it will accept any SIM card, and can even be accessed from another country. The package includes instructions, a charger, and all necessary cables and leads.

Straight from the next generation of GPS tracking gadgets, the Trackpro Mini Tracker can function anywhere on the planet, and is as small as a set
of car keys. It can be easily concealed in the pocket within a bag, or in the pocket of a coat, and offers that all-important peace of mind that worried
parents crave when their children leave the house. The tracker can send an SOS message from the gadget, and the device provides accurate and reliable results every time. When constantly used, the tracker can function for up to six hours, but the battery life when the device is on standby adds up to twenty-four hours. A lithium-ion battery is included, so the track can be recharged when necessary, and a USB cable means that all information can be downloaded to a computer, for extra help in tracking. 

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