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Thursday, 16 August 2012  |  Admin

James Bond isone of the coolest figures to ever exist in British popular culture, with histop-secret job, his ability to charm some of the most beautiful women in the world, his ability to convince the Queen to jump out of a helicopter and, most importantly, his range of incredible gadgetry. The transforming cars, the exploding pens, the watches that receive telegrams and the glasses with x-ray vision have made Bond one of the most envied fictional figures of all time,especially amongst males who fancy themselves as a secret agent.

For men who consider themselves the natural successor to 007, a spy camera gadget would make a great gift on a birthday or other special occasion. SpyGadgets4U have a fantastic range of Bond-style spy gadgets and surveillance devices, with hidden cameras and recording abilities. Whether catching out their friends with a hilarious prank or simply practicing their espionage skills in case MI5 ever come calling, a concealed spy camera gadget would make a fantastic gift for any Bond fan. 

The HDIR Night Vision Watch Spy Camera isperfect for budding spies, as it combines features such as infrared recording abilities and a waterproof exterior. The built-in camera, which is concealed within the watch face, records video in high-definition and also captures quality audio. A built-in lithium battery means the watch and the camera can be charged via any USB point, which includes those on games consoles and USB wallplugs, not just computers. 4GB of memory should be sufficient for any aspiringsecret agents to get enough practice in, and the pack, including an installation CD and the USB cable, is available for only £49.99.

Another great gadget for 007s in the making is the Spy Pen Pinhole Video Camera with Motion Detection, in which the camera is virtually undetectable. The motion detector means that battery life isn’t wasted through recording all the time; this pen only starts to record when it needs to. The MicroSD card slot means that there are no memory limitations with this gadget, opening up endless possibilities for its usage. The gadget has around four hours’ worth of recording ability after every charge, and the lithium rechargeable battery ensures that there are no fiddly battery changes whenever it runs out; simply plug it into a USB port and it will be ready to go in no time. This gadget comes with two USB cables; one for data transfer and one for charging, and is available for just £34.99.

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